Bunny Rabbit Book & Plush Bunny Gift

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Great gift for your child! When you read our new book to your children, you will find out at the end that Be Safe really means I Love You. :-) A mini Mister the Bunny plushie comes with the book in this listing. Also included is a Wild Texas Buns button with mini Mister. 

When you place your order, please make sure to let the carrot lady know if you would like the book signed and if so to whom. FREE US shipping.****

Based on the characters of the original Mister's Garden book, JellyBean Publishing introduces the Mister's Garden Series.  Mister the Bunny captured the hearts of the world and now you and your children can join Mister and her friends on their adventures in the garden.  

The first title in the series, Be Safe, introduces the young reader to Mister and tells the tale of how it all began.  It is a sweet story of love between a wild Texas cottontail and "her" carrot lady.

52 pages, 8.5" x 11"

JellyBean kitty can also be spotted in various pages of the book so look for her!

Written by JB Bean. Illustrated by Olga Lea. 

NOTE: Easel sign is not included in this listing. Listing is for one Be Safe book and one Mini Mister the Bunny with Wild Texas Buns button.