Who is the Carrot Lady?

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What is the first thing that anyone wants to know when they hear about Mister's Garden?  
You got it!  Who is the carrot lady? 
JB Bean has always had a love for animals of all kinds, but she has had an extra special connection with cats from when she was a small child. As an adult, having a creative mind, she has been a cat blogger for years and always thought she would write her first book about cats. On the contrary, her literary debut is all about the story of a tiny wild rabbit that hopped into her garden and changed her way of thinking. From the day that JB met Mister, her life changed forever as she transformed into The Carrot Lady. It was perfect, Crazy Cat Lady to Crazy Carrot Lady. It was the experience of a lifetime.      

Mister's Garden carrot lady
To complement her book and our shop, JB has decided she might try to get back into blogging a bit and post an occasional blog post with random thoughts here on the Mister's Garden site.  Stay tuned for more updates!          

JB Bean currently resides in the Dallas Texas area with her kitty crew, who are otherwise known as “The Peanut Gallery”. They are JB (JellyBean), Chester, CocoBean, Armani, Gaia and Charli, and they are all a big part of her life.

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  • What a beautiful little girl. To see your picture the other day was a blessing. Now I can put a face to the voice. ?

    Phyllis Bash on

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