What is So Special about a Wild Eastern Cottontail?

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Mister's Garden - wild texas bunsWhat is so special about a Wild Eastern Cottontail?
 I never gave this question much thought as I watched them in my garden in the early years.  I looked right through them as Mister wrote in the beginning of her memoir, Mister's Garden.  A wild rabbit is rather insignificant to humans and often considered a nuisance or disposable.  Could there be more to these sweet creatures who live their entire lives in terror?  It was not until I stopped for a moment from my busy life that I realized how much I was missing.  Mister was significant and she had been loved. She had been my Mister. 

Excerpt from Mister's Garden:

From the day Mister disappeared, as the sun rose each morning and set each night, I continued to hang on to the hope that she would return.  I suppose I will continue looking for that kooky little rabbit standing up outside my window for some time.  I will think of her when it rains as I know she did not like getting her hare wet.  I will think of her on hot sunny days which she loved so much.  I hope she is enjoying warm sunshine on her fur wherever she is and that she has an endless supply of cool and very refreshing salad and baby carrots.  I will always remember those gorgeous big brown trusting eyes looking up at me.

Mister, I will never forget you.  You were right.  Every time I told you to be safe, I really meant I love you.  I will see you again one day.

Your Carrot Lady


If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart.  I’ll stay there forever.

~A.A. Milne


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