What is a Facebook Fan?

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What is a Facebook fan?  There are so many ways to answer this question.  In the case of Mister's Garden, a fan brings so much more than could be imagined.  Humorous comments and quirky commentary are a must on Mister's page.  When Mister picked me all those years ago and tasked me to write her story, I thought long and hard as to who should be included in her actual published memoir.  Mister was a kookeh bunny after all, right?  The fans on Mister's page became a family of bunny lovers and they all had a voice.  We all had a camaraderie and created a positive place to collectively enjoy the joy of bunnies, both wild and domestic.  Who could be the voice of all of Mister's fans?  There was only one choice.....Martin!  If you have followed our page over the years, you know my choice was the right one.  Although all the fans have added to the page tremendously, we all look forward to the bunderful and somewhat kookeh comments from Martin.  What could he possibly come up with next?  We all can't wait to read his commentary.  Martin is a bunderful bunny advocate in the UK.  While he does not have a bunny of his own, he volunteers at the local bunny rescue and delivers very refreshing big saaalads to homeless bunnies at a local UK shelter and brightens their days.  Those are some very lucky bunnies!  Hopefully they will all find loving forever homes soon.  Thank you, Martin, for your years of contribution to Mister's Garden and we all love you!   


An excerpt from Martin's foreword in Mister's Garden:

Finally, of course: Thank-you, Mister. We'll never forget you, and what you taught us. We love you very much. And I? I will always love and miss you, dear, special, beautiful rabbit girl. You showed me something amazing: How you loved and trusted your devoted Carrot Lady and gave her the most special place in your amazing little bunny heart. I remember how you’d hippity-hop-hop, running across Your Garden, eyes sparkling in the morning sunlight, towards your Carrot Lady, for brekkie, full of joy - the happiest girl in the world! Good-night, Bright-Eyes. Your spirit fills the breeze, in Your Garden, and across the world, where we, your devoted fans, will always remember and love you.

Martin Poyser, Manchester, UK

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  • Beautiful. Gave me the leaky eyes. Thank you Martin.

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