An Amazing Year Ahead

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What is this?  Another blog post so soon?  I suppose I am having a little fun with these random thoughts while on vacation this week!  I saw something today on Facebook posted by a friend.  It really struck me and it made me reflect on the outstanding 2017 I hope to have.  

I decided this is a great idea so I am going to do this!  I will write a note about a good thing or an accomplishment for each week of 2017.  This will encourage me to keep going and to make progress on all my goals for the year.  I had to think, however, what is better than a basic boring jar?   A buntastic bunny of course!  

This ceramic bunny was a gift from a very special fan last year at my very first book signing.  It is perfect to hold and represent my dreams, achievements and aspirations for 2017.  It occurred to me that every note I put inside this bunny could be considered private bun stuff till I read them all next New Year's Eve!  

Happy Hoppy Healthy New Year to all!  Make it amazing and be safe!  


  • What a wonderful idea. Love the bunny jar. I will have to get my bunny cookie jar out and begin to fill it each day. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

    SweetiesMom on

  • Oh oh! The first note you can put in about a good thing is how Parsnip showed up today!

    Hana on

  • This is a great idea! We bet you will have a super full jar!

    Hana on

  • Cute bun and great idea! Hope your year is filled with many amazing things!

    BeadedTail on

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