A New Year

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It's right around the corner.  It will be a New Year in one day and every time the calendar changes to January, it always makes me ponder the thought.  Will it be a good year?  Will I make improvements in my life?  Will I work on decreasing the stress I feel every day at work?  I keep hearing the words of Mister in my mind as I prepare to embark on the journey of 2017.  She taught me to make the most of every moment and she lived like there was no tomorrow.  Every day was sheer joy to Mister.  Will I treat 2017 like this?  Not to sound morbid, but it is true that we can never know when our last day on Earth will be.  I have vowed to myself and to Mister that I will make the most of the New Year.  I have to.  Mister's words echo in my head and I will never forget the wild ride we shared together.  I hope to make her proud of me in 2017.  

How do you plan to spend your New Year?  We hope it will be amazing.  Be safe! 

Excerpt from Mister's Garden:

"Mister was magic. She symbolized hopes and dreams.  What if day after day, each waking minute of your life really could be your last? What would you do? Enjoy every moment just like Mister did. She lived like there was no tomorrow."



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